O Albertino Restaurant

The “O Albertino” Restaurant started to be a tavern / grocery, whose owner was Mrs. Áida Moreira , mother of the current owner Mr. Albertino Moreira.

Mr. Albertino Moreira became fatherless at 10 years and while his mother took care of the family business, he adventured himself in other business.
He started to go to fairs commercializing live stock, buying and selling wine. During the rest time he helped his mother in the storage.
In the middle of 1969 he was sent to the Military Service, going to Guinea.
As he had already the taste to cook, the function that was designed to him was Cooker. During the Military Service he had the opportunity to make lots of friends, because he was a person that enjoyed helping every time he could, and some times, when he couldn’t also.

In 1971 he came from the Military Service and dedicated to the family business, because at this time, his mother has many duties. As she was a very good person, she let the people take the goods by ticking.

So she stayed without lot of money, because many people didn’t pay the trusting goods.
He married in1972 with Mrs. Emilia Brazete that was a great and important help for the business, especially in the grocery.
Around 1975 Mr. Albertino began to make dainties to the people of the village. People brought form their houses the dainties and he cooked it. People ate his cookies in a kind of companionship in his tavern, and bought also there the wines to drink with.

As the business started to prosperity, he built a room where people could eat the dainties and his specialities.

Even without conditions to make it, he accepted because it was a way to make some more money and show his dainties. So he made form his house a Quarter, where the troops slept and ate his dishes.

From that time his dishes became famous and some important people from that time, such as Politicians and Militaries, went to his storage, as for instance, the Prof. Ramalho Eanes.

From that day on, people went, ate and came back with other people, which make his tavern so small for the quantity of people that visited it.
Seeing that, Mr. Albertino started to improve his business, constructing another room.

In the middle of 1986 it happened something curious. Mr.Albertino had not any documents to have the restaurant open; either noticed that it was a obligatory thing. So, there were the authorities themselves that went to his restaurant and took care of all the necessary documents and formalities for him to continue with his restaurant open to the people.
As we have already written, people went to his restaurant to prove his dainties, that are still the same today that were in that time, using the same tactic in which every one can prove a little of each dainty.

For the Chef Albertino’s happiness, the restaurant has already its continuity assured with the help of his son and son-in-law.


Tel.: 238 745 266
Tel.: 238 745 104
Fax: 238 745 037

Location: Largo do Adro de Viriato N.º 8 6290-081 Folgosinho


Weekly rest day:
- Sunday night and Monday

Annual Rest Days:
- First three weeks of September

- Multibanc


- Coney Rice
- Albertino’s roast Shoat
- Roast Kid
- Boar with bean
- Veal:
with Mushrooms
in the Grill


- The Restaurant organizes Weddings and Baptisms with refinement for all the Country
- Gastronomic Events

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